Name: Mawari

Brand: Boffi/DePadova

Year: 2018

Photography: Tommaso Sartori

The idea of “Mawari” was to design an extra large round
family table, bringing everyone together. With its cotemporary
and sleek looks the table possess the right balance
between comfort and design. Despite its size, the table
features an elegant and detailed look from bottom to top.
Contributing to the elegant looks, is the table’s tapered
design. Moreover, the combination of an oak main frame
with wengé joineries emphasizes the table’s natural
wooden origin. This interplay of materials gives the table
its unique character. The table top consists of 3 similar
parts all with their own line pattern. The composition and
line pattern of the table top is also reflected in the table’s
connected legs. To finish this all, the table comes with an
add-on bowl created with the same philosophy.