Name: Khork

Design phase: Prototype

Year: 2016

Photography: Gunther Pelgrims

Inspired by the traditional bamboo Thai chicken cages, the KHORK lamps were born. These contemporary pending lamps feature a modern but simplistic design and combine natural oak with solid surface elements. Through its innovative design with seethrough slatted shades, the lamps create an environment of warmly diffused light, resulting in a sense of peace and tranquility. 100% handcrafted, the KHORK lamp is not just a “lamp”. Besides resulting in a unique lightning experience, the lamp is a work of art, combining different materials. Bringing together organic, wooden elements with synthetic materials KHORK is an example of a true hybrid lamp. All parts, even the hidden inside parts, are specifically designed, made and chosen with great detail resulting in a unique architectural puzzle. Thanks to the detailed and high quality finish, the KHORK lamp is a “light” eye catcher, making your interior glow.
The KORK 1.0 pending lamp is the first creation in a series of functional “light artwork” where traditional massive timberwork is combined with modern solid surface techniques.